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Thrilled to be starting to work with Ashburnham Place, a place of refuge and renewal for thousands each year. This Christian retreat has some key major capital improvement projects they want to complete in 2023 and Apostle will be working with their senior management team to identify and approach major donors, grant-making bodies and how they can strategically approach their supporter base.

Great to be working with St Mary's Church, Harrow on the Hill, and their Friends group Spirewatch to fundraise towards major structural repairs to their iconic spire.

Blink and you might walk straight past it. Sandwiched within the busy Chichester high street is St Olav's church the oldest building in Chichester. The building, now predominantly a Christian bookshop, outdates the 11thC city cathedral and Apostle are assisting the Trust that operates the site to fundraise for urgent masonry repairs and structural improvements.

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