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Delighted to announce that Apostle have recently been appointed as the chosen fundraising partner for an ambitious £600k renovation project. WNSMK have recently secured the purchase of a new premises which they want to transform into a Day Centre, supporting those who are homeless within the city of Milton Keynes. The charity needs vital funding to install a new heating system, showers and complete renovation throughout.

Good to be selected by the Diocese of London as one their consultancy firms to support Anglican churches in the city of London apply to the CRF2. It was a quick turn around and a lot of work with Parishes but Apostle managed to get several excellent applications into the £36m fund to support listed buildings recover from the pandemic.

Apostle are delighted to announce that we will be working with this amazing Grade 1 church just north of Milton Keynes. Like many church building nearing a millennia in age it was not originally equipped with a kitchen, toilet or even running water! We will be working with the PCC in constructing a new compelling case of support, identifying local and national funders and coordinating the fundraising effort to £250k from Trust & Foundations and local major donors.

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