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Really thrilled to start working with All Saints in Wokingham. This Grade ii* is set to transform the internal nave and chancel into a vibrant and flexible space which will serve the local community. Their aim is to become one of the largest community spaces in the Wokingham area, and are in strong partnership with local community stakeholders who are set to utilise this amazing community asset.

We are thrilled to start working with St Mary's Monken Hadley, to raise funds for their dilapidated Church House renovation project. The community space currently used by the local cricket team will be transformed into a two-floor, multiple purpose space to serve and resource the local parish.

Safe Families is a UK charity that works with 30+ local authorities providing hope, belonging and support to children, families and care leavers. Apostle has recently been appointed to review their fundraising strategy and to provide practical support in the areas of prospect research and coaching of their Fundraising Team.

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